Seminars and Workshops

I conduct Health Education workshops and seminars on various health and psychological issues for women and youth.  Some of the most recent workshops have included:


Health Education workshops and seminars

  • Decoding Stress – The what is? Coping and Management using Evidence Based Techniques (Women & Teens)
  • Holistic Health: Incorporating Mind, Body & Soul into Healthy Living
  • Happiness: Reprogramming our Minds, Positive Psychology.
  • Detoxing Body, Mind, Heart & Soul: A Holistic approach.
  • Mommy Wellness Sessions: A series of educational workshops that provide self help tools to empower & support mothers.
  • Incorporating Mindfulness towards Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual well being.
  • Understanding Mental Health Wellness: Steps towards a balanced life (free)
  • Understanding Depression & Anxiety: Overcoming Stigma (free)
  • Mini Mindfuls (children & youth)
  • Arts & Science of Emotions (Children & Youth)
  • MyBeautifulBody (Youth& Teens)